IT Disposal Services Portfolio


IT E-waste Collection and Disposal

We collect surplus IT equipment for disposal. All logistics in moving equipment from the customer premises to our facility are organized and managed by PCLoads. We put in our best efforts to offer free or minimal cost service that may vary case-to-case considering the equipment residual value. The equipment and related material is recycled and recovered for reuse. PCLoads works on a partnership model to provide best services to our customers.
After processing, the equipment is then forwarded or outsourced to third parties for remarketing. The hardware screened out for disposal is then forwarded to third parties and partners to dispose of the assets following best practices and guidelines fully compliant with international standards


IT Asset Processing & Inventory

Once the hardware is at PCLoads facility, we carry out a detailed asset inventory and screening activity. The hardware is categorized for different specifications. equipment testing is carried out to identify the hardware status and working state. Any minor failures or issues are resolved and fixed at this stage. Any working equipment is marked for reuse and classified in Grade A, B or C to be forwarded for remarketing. Any equipment marked as faulty or not-usable is forwarded to IT e-waste partners for further processing and disposal.


Secure Data Wipe and Destruction

Data Security and privacy are primary concerns in asset disposal. Just deleting data is not suffice as data retains and is recoverable that can breach your data security and put your Intellectual Property – IP at risk. PCLoads is your trusted partner that ensures the data gets wiped off and destroyed to the maximum level of security. Based on the requirements once data destruction is completed, the equipment is released for reselling or disposal.
The key benefits covered are:
• Permanent Data erasure from HDDs and SSDs
• Identifying false positives during internal data erasure process
• Digitally signed certificate of proof of secure erasure
• Compliant with state, federal and international data privacy regulations and guideline

IT Asset Remarketing

The assets marked as usable are sanitized prior to being resold. We use our nationwide and international channel of resellers and wholesalers who then resell the equipment at low cost within Australia and developing countries adding warranty on top of it for customer satisfaction.

Compliance and Certification