About us

PCLoads is an IT eWaste recycler and services provider for Secure Data Erasure, IT Assets deployment and IT Assets management organisation ensuring that our flexible business solutions are tailor made and best fit to our clients need.

We manage the IT Assets that have reached to their end-of-corporate life in terms of wiping out their confidential information from their decommissioned IT hardware such as Hard-disks, SSDs, Servers, USB drives and other peripherals like cables, Switches etc.

Our flexible Buyback scheme allows our clients to get a complete report on what IT asset has been collected from their premises with downloadable report format and provides an opportunity to decide what needs to be done with their e-Waste.

PCLoads being a professional organisation heavily emphasis on the consent of our clients whether they like to destroy their Data i.e. Data wiping, IT Asset deployment, Re sell or completely recycle their IT Waste or re utilise their IT assets by allowing to re market for developing countries, communities and protecting the environment for future generations.


Disposal of IT waste is a serious issue that concerns organisations that their confidential data has been permanently erased before discarding their e-Waste. We offer certificates with digital signatures to assure that their important information has been erased securely.

Our commitment is to recycle our client’s IT e-Waste which cannot be used due to any reason by our recycling partners, making sure that our client’s waste has been properly disposed off and turning into a useful resource for further utilisation.


Our zero-tolerance policy allows us to be firmly committed not to dispose any of our client’s e-waste into the landfill, as this phenomena is causing an irreversible damage to our environment and not benefiting our society by any means.

Therefore, our mission is to turn our client’s IT e-Waste into a more useful resource by re marketing it to deserving communities once your IT assets reaches to its end of corporate life and the confidential information has been successfully erased to further utilise the IT peripherals and to provide an opportunity to grow the deserving communities in terms of IT literacy and keeping the environment safe for future generations.

reused computer saves 109 kilograms of CO2.